6am & 8:30am

"SEMI-PRIVATE" -  limited to 6 people

April 25th, May 2nd & 9th

Series of 3 consecutive Fridays - $120.00

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8:30am        CLICK HERE

This workout is the perfect combination of strength and core training combined with High Intensity Tabata Sets.  You'll burn a butt load of calories and it will fly by. I promise you will not be bored for a single second.  :)

Semi private for 6 people.  Each person will have their own bench, barbells, dumbbells, stability balls, medicine balls, jump ropes, resistive tubes, therapy bands, TRX suspension ropes, Gliders (WTH) and your own resistance for a full body "Strength" workout that just keeps on giving.  Functional Strength, Intense Tabata Sets & Core to the MAX!  Get ready for the Ultimate Training Experience.


If you have the dedication and motivation to workout on your own and just need help with a plan.  This is for you!

An effective workout for home, the gym or travel  :)

Your consultation includes an initial visit to discuss your personal goals, eating plan and body fat analysis.  We'll meet one week later to go over your personal workout plan, which includes one private training session with me.  Set your goals high and I'll provide you with all the tools necessary to make it happen.  


Personal Protection Courses with  Levi Montgomery

Levi is committed to providing exceptional training, qualified instruction and a safe environment for learning the skills needed to survive confrontational situations.

He offers training and Instructor Certification courses to Federal & State Law Enforcement and Military personnel exclusively.

Over the last few years there has been an increased interest in his training from the general public … and as a result, he has created “SAFE by CHOICE” as a means of providing those interested with the education needed to fulfill their needs.

With an individual’s safety foremost in mind… “SAFE by CHOICE” offers training in all elements of personal protection to people from all walks of life.

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